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A special note from one of the young women.. 

I’m a mother to a handsome 2 year old baby boy. At 16 I was kicked out of my house and living with my boyfriend, his mother, and brother. Two days after my 17th birthday I found out I was 14 weeks pregnant. I know, crazy right?!? After finding out I was pregnant I hid myself from the world. Word got out I was pregnant and nobody wanted anything to do with me. People I was friends with at church were no longer allowed to hangout or talk to me. My mom was embarrassed, and at the time mad that I decided to keep the baby. I stopped going to Youn​g Life and had nobody but my boyfriend and his family; they were happy for us. 

By the time my baby was one, things kind of got better. I moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend and son, was working three jobs and still working on my high school work. I was burnt out! Tired, stressed, I felt hopeless. One day something said just go to church, which the church is next door to my apartment. I went and felt something; spent an hour with my head in my son’s lap crying, feeling alone—has to be the worst feeling ever. The pastor seen me did a prayer over me and my kiddo. I went home feeling somewhat of a difference. Just three days later I got a call from a woman who hosted a teen mom YoungLives group. We met, got to meet her wonderful kids and very nice husband. I went to just the first meeting and I knew that was where I needed to be. There was a room of support, a room of ladies just like me who just needed somebody to tell them “it’s okay!” 

And everything was okay. 

After going to camp and having nice dinner dates, play dates, and all types of other dates, I’ve grown to love each and every one of my leaders! They’ve helped me so much, more than my family has ever, and still to this day teach me more and more about God and also myself.


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