YoungLives​ Seattle

YoungLives​ is a safe space for young moms and their children to be supported on their parenting journey.

YoungLives​ is an open invitation for young parents to gather together once a month to share a meal and share life. ​ Alongside other young parents and volunteer mentors, we have fun playing games, making crafts and chatting about our physical, emotional and spiritual lives while the kids are having fun with our amazing nannies. ​ Whether it's a phone call, play date or even doing laundry together, we invite each other into our messy lives and support each other along the way. ​ We celebrate holidays and special events and have the opportunity to go to camp each summer.

We currently meet in the Rainier Valley near South Lake High School with small groups starting up throughout the city for our moms as they get older. ​ No matter where you live or where you are from, if you are a teen mom or are interested in volunteering, we would love to have you join us!

Contact us with the link below including your name and best contact info. ​ We look forward to meeting you!

Zoey Montanye
YoungLives Seattle Coordinator

Does it matter?

YoungLives​ makes a difference:

"From increased education attainment and aspirations, to improved parenting skills, to a new sense of hope and purpose and a strong support system - YoungLives​ is making it possible for teen moms to beat the odds and build a secure future for themselves and their children.

Not only do young moms gain a group of peers and mentors to help them navigate a daunting path, but they find value, meaning and hope along the way."

- YoungLives​ Learning and Impact Report

Teen moms report:

Higher high school graduation/GED rates:

After 2 years of involvement with YoungLives,​ a teen mom's chance of graduating from high school or earning a GED triples.


Breaking the cycle:

With strong mentor support, teen moms feel more control when discipling, more nurturing behavior toward their child, and a stronger conviction to avoid subsequent pregnancies.


Finding a sense of belonging, meaning and faith:

Teen moms experience increased hope, high self-esteem, stronger support system and belief that their life has purpose and meaning.


"YoungLives​ has changed my life forever. ​ It has given me experiences, family, and so much love that is irreplaceable. ​ I am so beyond blessed. "

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